Getting a ripped body involves willing hands. Everyone knows it is not an easy task if it was you wouldn’t be reading this. But if you make it a priority you will get there. All you need is patience and determination. Far too often, most of us only focus on one aspect – diet, cardio or weight lifting – with which we cannot achieve those great results when trying to obtain the “ripped” physique.

You spend more time in the gym, work really hard but the results are drastic. Why? The answer is simple. You train without productive methods. Think smart with us. Find out how to get ripped in the fastest way. To obtain a fantastic looking body start using the tips given below.

The fastest way to get ripped: 3 steps to look better

There are many guys who want not only to be big but also to make their muscle definition visible. Here’s why figuring out the quickest way to get ripped is a priority. The main reason why most men go to the gym is to look better.

How can I get ripped? Is there a working supplement that can make a huge difference? Is there a special exercise program or a proper diet that can help? You cannot answer all these questions at once if you are not a professional. We can help you out.

Despite a big amount of weight equipment available, to get shredded, jacked does not require going to a fitness center, gym or using a set of weight equipment. You can achieve great results and obtain a muscular physique without weights. Is it possible? Sure. If you’ll get regular aerobic exercise, use calisthenic exercises and follow a solid nutritional plan, you will 100% obtain a ripped look and muscular physique.

There are 3 perfect steps to get ripped as fast as possible. Start with:

Step 1. Body-weight exercises

Body-weight exercisesKnown as calisthenics exercises they include dips, push-ups, squats, pull-ups, dips, lunges and sit-ups.

To increase your lean muscle tissue – perform these exercises three, four or five days a week.

Keep rest periods between your sets short. Why? You can easily burn fat by increasing your daily workouts intensity.

Try to maintain an intensity of your calisthenics exercises. In such a way you are to build muscle and burn your fat and calories much faster.

Is it really possible to get ripped in a month? Possible! Read here.

Step 2. Aerobic Exercises (Cardio)

Aerobic step exercisesWhy not perform aerobic exercises to burn excess body fat? Start with at least thirty minutes of average-intensity aerobic exercises 5 days per week. Begin with cycling or brisk walking. For continuous fat-loss results – increase the intensity of this exercise.

Note exercise with lover-intensity burns a bigger percentage of fat calories. However, higher-intensity exercise – running, sprint intervals – burns more total calories.

What’s more, it helps to keep your metabolism elevated much longer.

Step 3. Proper nutrition

Proper nutritionAlthough for most people eating five or six meals a day sounds somewhat strange, diet is the most essential factor for those who’d like to get ripped. The number of meals you eat is as important as what you eat.

Remember to:

  • Consume small but frequent meals to suppress appetite and elevate metabolism;
  • Take in some carbohydrates and protein around your workout period;
  • Eat meals that consist of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fat sources.
Before purchasing food products, ensure there are no added, unhealthy ingredients – salt, fat, sugar – that may put a crimp in a scheme. Keep in mind, you may increase your ability to have a muscular body by being more physically active during the day.

To maintain your weight, consume fewer calories than you need. But don’t overdo. Calorie cutting can make you lose muscle. The trick is to know what to eat. Read this to know what you need to eat to get ripped.

Supplements to Get Ripped Fast

Eating right is of utmost importance when you want to bulk up fast. However, it is hard to get all nutrients your body needs from your normal meals. Taking supplements helps boost your body’s levels and helps prevent you from falling short on the critical nutrients you need.

Some of the best supplements to get ripped fast include:

  • Whey Protein Powder
    Getting enough protein is key when working out. Whey protein powder can be more useful compared to protein heavy foods before and after hitting the gym because it takes a shorter time to digest. Taking some of this pre-workout will improve your muscle growth and help you get ripped fast.
  • Beta-Alanine
    When working out, one accumulates a lot of hydrogen in the body, which lowers body pH levels. This makes you get tired a lot faster. Consuming beta-alanine before a workout helps boost your body’s carnosine levels, which help delay the buildup of hydrogen, enabling you to workout longer.
  • Creatine
    Made from three amino acids, creatine boosts the amount of fast energy in your muscles, enabling you to put in more energy and intensity into your workouts.

What You Should Know to Get Ripped Fast

Here are some tips and tricks you need to implement:

  1. Push Yourself
    Pushing one's limitsIf you want to achieve massive muscle in the shortest time possible, then you need to forget about training light. Using lighter weights just because you are comfortable lifting them is a recipe for disaster. Using heavier weights helps you maintain its existing muscle. If you fail to push yourself when trying to get shredded, you are sending a signal to your body that the extra muscle built up is no longer needed.
  2. Know and Understand Your Body Fat Levels
    Most people looking for how to get ripped do not understand their body fat levels. Without a good understanding of your body composition, you can end up feeling frustrated as your cutting diet starts to drag on for weeks without end. The best bodybuilders in the world have a lean body mass of no more than 170-180 pounds. Therefore, it would be unrealistic to believe you currently weigh 240 pounds and have a body fat of 18%. The more you understand and get real with yourself, the better placed you will be for the cutting process waiting for you.
  3. Go Slow on the Alcohol
    No beer, no alcoholIf you are serious about losing weight and getting ripped, you should take into consideration the effects of alcohol on your body. Alcohol makes fat to get stored on the body instead of being used to produce energy. Due to this, your body puts a hold on the digestion of food until the liver can get rid of the alcohol. In addition, alcohol hurts you because it is a diuretic, which reduces energy levels and makes you dehydrated. Furthermore, it reduces testosterone levels, which makes it hard for you to gain muscle.
  4. Don’t Skip Post Workout Stretches
    Whether or not stretching helps reduce muscle soreness is a hotly debated subject, but doing post-workout stretches can help boost range of motion and flexibility. This is critical because it helps your joints, muscles, and connective tissues stay healthy, which reduces the risk of injury and enhances athletic performance. This enables you to level up your exercises and achieve more gains.
  5. Manage Emotional Stress
    Chronic stress causes an increase in appetite, and thus weight gain and loss of muscle. If your workouts are not having a positive effect on your body, you should consider looking at your emotional health. Plan to do relaxation exercises or get a massage to help calm your body and mind.

FOUR Easy Secrets on how to get ripped fast at home

Get ripped is not as easy as athletes and models in most magazines look. Let’s be honest: it’s hard, it demands a degree of discipline and it takes time. So how to get ripped quick? There is no need to keep searching for the answer. We know how.

You think you have no muscles we know that you do have them. Getting ripped at home is possible.

Let’s find out how to do it:

  1. Push-ups exercise to get shreddedPush-ups

    There is a great variety of push-ups that work your whole body. All of these you can do at home.

    Do as many push-ups a day as you can. You can vary exercises by doing your push-ups with 1 arm, reversing your hands – pointed at your toes – or widening the grip.

    Push-ups help to increase muscle tissue and burn fat
  2. Jumping rope exerciseJumping rope

    What is the key element of being ripped? Burning fat is.

    Jumping rope is excellent interval training because it takes a little space and you can work extremely hard – using double jumping – then slow back down jumping at an easier pace repeating for as many sets as you want.

  3. Pull-ups, chin-ups
    Pull-ups and chin-upsThese exercise variations are excellent for getting ripped – building your muscle – and adding strength in the biceps and back.
    Chin-ups as well as pull-ups train the lats but differently. The difference is not big. Pull-ups – assisted or negative – use shoulder adduction, whereas chin-ups – elbows should come down and back from the front – use shoulder extension.
    You will achieve better results if you’ll use a combination (mix) of different grips.
  4. Air bike exerciseAir bike
    Lie on your back and lift the legs so that your knees are bent ninety degrees and your calves are parallel to the floor. Hands should be placed behind the head.
    Lift the head and shoulders off the floor. Simultaneously, perform a cycle pedal motion. Bring the right elbow close to the left knee – when lying on the mat – by crunching to the side. Then – as you breathe in – turn to the initial position.
    Concentrate on slow speed and perfect execution. Repeat several times as if riding a bicycle.

Best way

What is the easiest and much more convenient way to get shredded? Those who don’t have an opportunity to spend hour after hour in the gym can take benefits out of our tips. If your goal is to get the lean and sculptured physique you can achieve your dream in less than you may think.

Everyone has muscles. Because of the fat, these muscles are not always visible. What you really need to do is to eliminate this fat. Burning fat plus building muscles is what will make you ripped. 

Focus on:

  • The diet.
  • The type of exercise.

To get ripped fast follow these strategies:

  1. Strength training
    The process doesn’t include too much but helps to develop more muscle mass. Focus around some progressive type of workout gradually increasing your weight every week.
    The minimalist guide to training
  2. Right eatingEat right

    Even if you have the best cardio plan, the best workout and are really consistent with your training, without proper diet you are wasting your time.

    What you eat plays a tremendous role. If your nutrition is garbage all that hard work you did and do will go down the drain. To keep you stay fuller focus on complex carbs and stick to regular eating schedules.

    Consume five grams of carbs per two sets to maintain the muscle glycogen
  3. Weight training to get ripped quickDo weight training

    Why not to do weight training? This will build up your muscles and keep them intact if you are dieting.

    A few big but simple lifts done just 2, 3 to 4 times a week will really build you up. Those who haven’t done any lifting in the past can try some basic weight training program.

    Interested in workouts to get ripped? Find all the information here.

  4. Running exercise to get shredded fastRun 2 times a week
    Running is a perfect exercise. It doesn’t take much time and you can easily plug it into your schedule. Those who haven’t been active should start slowly at first. Running works great to burn your fat and make your muscles visible.

When it comes to cardio, most people are interested in the amount of cardiovascular activity they need to do. It depends on genetics. There are people who don’t need – or have – to do any cardio to lose their excess fat, but there are also those who must hit it hard to get rid of fat. This way or another, for those who are very busy, cardio is really effective at helping them drop body fat.


  • Weight lifting builds up your muscles;
  • Running burns your fat;
  • Proper diet helps to get that ripped look.

By following our efficient advice you can make much progress just in a few weeks. Start using the tips given above and pay attention to your exercises, diet and cutting back. If you just want to obtain a lean, nice body putting in exercises like dead-lifts, bench press, running will help you while you are working out. If you focus on the above-mentioned key elements you are to achieve that very rare ripped look and body.

You can find further details of Get Ripped here.