Best Supplements to Get Ripped Review

Are you training hard for your muscle growth? Then you know – the last few sets of your workout are extremely important and beneficial. The question is how to battle that muscle fatigue which is inevitable for most guys who are training hard. The answer is as simple as that – supplements. Now you have a chance to battle your fatigue.

Learn how to make your intense training sessions much easier with sample nutrition plan and best workout supplements for men and women. Find out how to increase strength and fat-free mass.

Top 3 Best Supplements for Faster Gains

As it was previously mentioned, bodybuilders (athletes) respond differently – due to the unique nature of their bodies – to supplements. Despite this, there are a number of products that show the greatest benefit. Let’s highlight top 3 fast supplements that will surely help you with muscle growth.

ProductWhen to Take
Platinum 100% Creatine by MuscleTechPre & Post Workout
Assault Pre-Workout Powder by Muscle PharmDrink 20-30 minutes before training
Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder by Optimum NutritionConsume over 4-6 small meals spread evenly throughout the day

Platinum 100% Creatine by MuscleTech – The Very Best for More Muscle & Strength

The product is the best for those who want to get the strength, pump, and stamina without the bloat. The supplement will help you to provide the body with the essential phosphates of energy to carry you through those difficult last reps.

Don’t purchase supplements called “concentrated”. A serving of such products can contain as few as three to six grams of powder. In such a way companies want to trick buyers.

Assault Pre-Workout Powder by Muscle Pharm – the Best for Energy, Focus, Strength, and Endurance

Want to achieve maximum results and dominate every workout. Assault is what really works fast. Increase your performance with assault and experience endurance, enhanced strength, muscle mass, and improved athletic training capacity.

Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder by Optimum Nutrition – The Very Best to Keep Workout Recovery Interesting

The product is rich in amino acids and digests rapidly. Improve your performance with whey protein shake in a fast way. The supplement contains a number of vitamins and minerals that are not available in everyday meals.

Best Supplements to Get Ripped – Your Expert Buyer’s Guide

Here is a question: What is the best supplement to get ripped? There is no one magic supplement with which you can immediately get better results. Every guy is different. It means what works well for some person may not work as well for you! There are a great number of effective supplements with different abilities. Some are great at preventing fatigue during intense exercise while others are effective at increasing your muscle size, enhancing endurance performance etc.

This way or another, supplements are a must for everyone who is willing to get ripped.

Below there are the best supplements to get ripped in a short time:

  • BCAA Branched Chain Amino Acids – play a significant role in muscular metabolism and in your energy levels.
  • Creatine – Yes, we get some Creatine from the foods we eat. However, Creatine levels in the body may not be at their optimal levels. Increased dosage levels of Creatine promote the growth of your lean muscle mass.
  • Chromium Picolinate – helps with the quality of workouts and energy levels.
Additional amounts of natural nutrients can aid muscle recovery

Short-time supplements to get ripped

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Sample Nutrition Plan to Build Muscle

Sample nutrition planTo get the most from your supplementation you need to get the right nutrition plan. Below there is a sample nutrition plan. It is presented as a template.

You can adjust this “supplementation” plan as needed:

  • 6 a.m. – you are to take a whey protein shake which digests quickly and allows to “rush” nutrients and amino acids into the body.
  • 30 a.m. – Breakfast (omelet with cheese and chopped onion and tomato, one glass of whole milk, one tablespoon peanut butter.)
  • 15 a.m. – you are to take a whey protein shake that is blended with milk, banana and peanut butter.
    Add some protein powder to your favorite smoothie recipe or oatmeal. This will help support your metabolism, fuel your lean muscle and help you get the most out of your intense training.
  • Lunch of choice – You can have chicken tacos with refried beans and rice or some cheeseburger. Don’t forget to include some veggies. Drink a glass of juice or milk.
  • Pre-workout snack – 2.30 p.m. – You are to take casein protein shake with some fresh fruit.
  • Workout – 3.30 p.m. – Drink plenty of water.
  • Post-workout snack – 4.30 p.m. – Have a whey protein shake after your workout. It should contain up to 50g of protein that will replace glycogen lost during your training.
  • Dinner – You can eat the biggest meal of the day which should contain a healthy carbohydrate source and lots of healthy veggies.
  • 30 p.m. – To furnish your body with protein source, have a casein protein shake before going to bed.

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Best Supplements for Women You Need to Know

Want to make yourself a better athlete or a healthier woman? Consider these supplements:

  1. Active Woman Activate by Bio-SynergyActive Woman Activate by Bio-Synergy
    Cost: $31.77
    Where to buy:
    Activate can kick start your workout. The product is made with premium protein and contains a full dose of calcium and folic acid to support your bones. The supplement will help to provide a powerful source of energy during your intense workouts. It will also help your active muscles perform, recover, and rebuild.
  2. Active Woman by MET-RxActive Woman by MET-RxCost: $14.44

    Where to buy:

    The product is designed for women of all ages. Active Women contains 90 tablets enhanced with key minerals and vitamins to support exercise recovery and energy production. The product is especially good for active-lifestyle women who work hard in the gym.

    Before taking any supplements consult with your physician especially if you are pregnant or nursing or in case you are taking medications or other stimulants. Consult with your doctor prior to use if you have a medical condition.
  3. Igniter Extreme Women OnlyIgniter Extreme Women Only
    Cost: $31.95
    Where to buy:
    Make your ordinary workout a thing of the past with this supplement for women. The product is designed to truly accommodate the needs of your body and satisfy the demands of your training session.

Best Pills: Supplement Capsules

Those who prefer to take supplements in capsules may purchase these ones:

  1. Shred Jym by JYMShred Jym by JYMCost: $34.76 for 240 capsules

    Supported goal: Lose fat

    Where to buy:

    The product is good for those who want to reduce body fat from 3 different angles to supercharge your shred.

    Eat within 30 minutes before and after exercise to maximize the results
  2. Con-Cret by ProMera SportsCon-Cret by ProMera Sports – for fuller muscles, increased power and improved strength.
    Cost: $26.98 for 48 capsules
    Supported goal: Build muscle
    Where to buy:
  3. Bio-Gro Capsules by iSatoriBio-Gro Capsules by iSatori
    Cost: $29.99 for 200 capsules
    Supported goal: Build muscle
    Where to buy: available on Amazon.

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What Supplements Should I Take to Get Ripped?

While deciding on the best supplements to get ripped, consider that there are different options available on the market. What do we suggest? To get ripped focus on best workout supplements and protein supplements.

Top 4 Best Workout Supplements

  1. ENGN by Evlution NutritionENGN by Evlution Nutrition – give you maximum advantage over the competition; designed to fuel athletes and bodybuilders.
    Cost: $28.00 for 30 servings
    Supported goal: Lose fat
    Where to buy: available on Amazon.
  2. C4 Extreme by CellucorC4 Extreme by Cellucor – for increased energy and focus.
    Cost: $23.57 for 30 servings
    Supported goal: Improve workout
    Where to buy: available on Amazon.
  3. N.O. - Xplode by BSNN.O. – Xplode by BSN – designed to deliver enhanced endurance, explosive energy and maximum performance.
    Cost: $ 59.98 for 30 servings
    Supported goal: Improve workout
    Where to buy:
  4. Cor-Performance whey by CellucorCor-Performance whey by Cellucor – is the best protein powder to satisfy protein needs any time of day.Cost:
    • $ 29.99 for 907 grams at
    • $34.95 for 26 servings on Amazon

    Supported goal: Build muscle

What You Need to Know When Taking Supplements to Get Ripped

If you are looking for how to get ripped fast, then you must follow these principles to get quick and positive results:

  1. Focus on Your DietEven when you take supplements, you ought to pay a lot of attention to your diet. Coming up with a good diet plan that works for you enables you to attain massive gains.

    You need to introduce the following in your diet:

    • Carbohydrates
      If you want to get ripped, consider going with complex carbohydrates such as yams, potatoes, whole grain bread, oatmeal, and brown rice. The main reason why they are great options is they take longer to digest. This is good as it keeps you fuller for a longer time.
    • Proteins
      Proteins are the most critical part of your diet if you want to get ripped. Chicken, egg whites, fish, and protein powders are incredible choices.
    • Fats
      Fats can be a little tricky but are a great factor to manage. Vegetable oil, fish oil, and olive oil are great sources because they do not contain so much fat. When choosing fats, you should consider staying away from deep-fried foods. More information on what to eat you can find here.

    Diet focus

  2. Do Some Cardio
    This dreaded cardiovascular exercise is key to becoming ripped. Although it is necessary, this does not mean that you have to kill yourself on the cardio machines. Furthermore, who has time to do a lot of cardio and then lift weights?
    There are many ways to do your cardio and the best way to go about it is to do a combination of mid-high impact interval training. Although this is usually not easy, it helps you see positive results without a plateau. Try to incorporate this strategy into your workouts because you can never get bored with it, as you will always push your body to new limits every single day.
    Cardio treadmill
  3. Do Resistance Weight Training
    Just because you are taking supplements to get ripped, focusing on your diet, and doing cardio, does not necessarily mean that you will achieve a ripped look. You have to do weight training as well. Just like cardio, you do not have to kill yourself doing weight training. People go to the gym to fatigue their muscles so that they can grow fast. However, they think they have to do a certain amount of reps and sets to get the exhaustion, wasting a lot of time in the gym. Your goal should be to hit hard and quick. This means that you push your body with a lot of weight but with little rest between sets.

Pros and Cons of Taking Supplements to Get Ripped

Supplements help you reach your fitness goals quickly. However, they do come with some disadvantages. Even basic supplements like protein powder can be disadvantageous, depending on your goals.

  • Increased Muscle Strength
    Taking supplements enhances muscle strength. For instance, research shows that creatine supplementation boosts your strengths when combined with weight training.
  • Increased Muscle Mass
    Weight training offers the stimulus for muscle growth. However, if you do not provide your body with the needed nutrient, you will not see any significant results. Studies show that a supplement like whey protein promotes increased muscle size and enhances body recovery from workouts.
  • Increased Muscle Strength
    Taking supplements enhances muscle strength. For instance, research shows that creatine supplementation boosts your strengths when combined with weight training.
  • Increased Fat Burning
    Most supplements have branched-chain amino acids, which increase fat oxidation and burn fat during workouts.
  • Insomnia
    Most supplements combine caffeine and creatine to enable you to do intense workouts. Nevertheless, frequent use of caffeine-based products can be troublesome. Although caffeine provides you with a boost of energy during workouts, it can also cause insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness. Moreover, studies show that taking supplements containing caffeine and creatine increases your risk of dehydration.
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
    Some supplements cause gastrointestinal discomfort. For instance, creatine may cause diarrhea and an upset stomach in some users. Furthermore, if you are lactose-intolerant, you may experience nausea, bloating, and cramps after using dairy-based products like whey.
  • Kidney Damage
    The use of supplements can also have side effects like kidney damage. For instance, creatine has been linked to long-term renal or kidney damage.

Who doesn’t want a lean, muscular physique? But wanting isn’t enough. To achieve the best results, you have to commit training program and a rigorous diet. To satisfy both of these demands using the suggested supplements. Taking the best supplements is the best way to get ripped in a fast time.

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