Are you tired of not feeling comfortable with your body? Do you want your fiends, relatives and neighbors to be envious of it? It’s time to work hard.

We suggest a perfect 4 weeks plan that will surely work for you. By working your abs four times a week and by performing the suggested exercises during your workout session, you will have a six-pack in a month.

Remember, it doesn’t include too much to build your muscles fast. Speed up your results by using our really effective 30 days workout plan and notice the difference in a month.

How to get ripped in 30 days: Best workout plan

What is the best way to get ripped just in 4 weeks? Some people prefer going to the gym, while others start training at home without weights. This way or another there is a pretty common cycle of misfortune they go through.

Most guys when they are trying to get ripped usually add tons of cardio and drastically cut their calories. They lose the patience when they feel drained and start from scratch.

If you don’t want to make the same mistakes you need to follow our plan. We don’t let you fall into the cycle of failure.

Best workout plan to get ripped in a month

What we recommend is:

  1. Plan a 4 week workout plan. Start performing exercises of the workout plan 4 days a week.
  2. Start with a normal 2000 calories base; 40 % carbs, 40% protein, 20% fat.
  3. Track the progress. Take pictures and weigh yourself.
When it comes to workout routine, scheduling is important. Let everyone know – this is your workout time and you need to perform exercises with no interruptions. The main line is to have discipline and work hard.

To get ripped in 4 weeks start using the plan given below. The workout program we suggest is broken into 4 separate workouts that will focus on the 3 main areas of your muscles:

  • the lower abs;
  • the upper abs;
  • the oblique.

Perform each exercise workout once a week. Since there are 4 workouts, you will perform exercises 4 times a week. After 30 days of our ripped workout plan you’ll have a body that would make a professional bodybuilder proud. Here is a plan!

30 days workout plan to get amazing results

Before starting the plan, you are to know that this workout routine is intense. However, those who are willing to stick with it for a month will be amazed by the results. If you are a beginner you can increase rest time and ignore super sets. Don’t forget about the diet which should be an important component of the workout routine.

Proper supplementation can help to speed the process of being ripped. Read this to get the most out of your training with good supplements. To promote muscular abdominal, include whei protein – rich in vitamins, minerals, protein – into your diet.

Day 1

  1. Exercise 1: Pulse upPulse up – two sets of 15 reps.

    While performing this exercise be sure to raise the hips as high as you can. To reach good results try for perfect form on the exercise.

  2. Exercise 2: Scissor KickScissor Kick – two sets of fifteen reps, 30 seconds rest.

  3. Exercise 3: Barbell Floor WiperBarbell Floor Wiper – two sets of fifteen reps, 1 minute rest.

    Lay on your back while holding a barbell. Bring your toes up to the right side of the barbell and then up to the left side of it.

  4. Exercise 4: Bench pressBench press – 2 sets of ten reps, 1 minute rest.

    Lie on your back. Starting position: lift the bar and hold it straight over you. Then, inhale and bring the barbell down in a controlled manner. When moving the bar, focus on your chest muscles.

    Barbell and flat bench is the only equipment that you need for bench press
  5. Exercise 5: Close-Grip bench pressClose-Grip bench press – 2 sets of ten reps, 1 minute rest.

    While performing this exercise you are to keep the elbows next to your torso.

  6. Exercise 6: Rope tricep pushdownRope tricep pushdown – two sets of ten reps.

    Starting position: grasp both ends of the rope. Keep your body stationary then hold for a moment and slowly return the rope for a starting position.

  7. Exercise 7: Clap push-upClap push-up – three sets of twelve reps, 30 seconds rest.

    Recommendations: If you are not willing to reduce your results, don’t cheat when performing the exercise. The quicker you complete this excellent workout the sooner you will burn fat and get ripped.

Day 2

  1. Exercise 1: PlankPlank – 2 sets for 1 min. 30 sec.

    The exercise should be done by raising hips so that the entire body from the heels to the head is in a straight line. The position should be held for at least/about 30 seconds.

  2. Exercise 2: Side PlankSide Plank – 2 sets for 1 min. 30 sec, 1 minute rest.

    Side plank position should be held for a desired amount of time.

  3. Exercise 3: Cycling Russian TwistCycling Russian Twist – 2 sets for 20 reps, 1 minute rest.

    The exercise should be done by bringing the right leg up to the chest while keeping the left leg parallel to the ground. After that you need to rotate your body (torso) to the right side. Then pause and rotate the body back to the center.

  4. Squat – 3 sets for 10 reps, 1 minute rest.
    Exercise 4: Squat

  5. Exercise 5: DeadliftDeadlift – 3 sets for 10 reps.

    While performing Deadlift, it is essential to keep the head in a backward position. This doesn’t mean looking toward the ceiling. This means your chest must be kept forward.
  6. Exercise 6: Calf pressCalf press – 3 sets for 10 reps, 1 minute rest.

    This push exercise is especially good for those with a beginner level of exercise experience and physical fitness.

Day 3

  1. Exercise 1: Roman chair knee raiseRoman chair knee raise – 2 sets for 15 reps.

    To perform the exercise, be sure your back is against the roman chair. The elbows should be directly under the shoulders when you place them on the pad. Slowly raise your knees up so they are parallel to the ground then lower the knees back down to your starting position.

  2. Exercise 2: Knee pull-inKnee pull-in – 2 sets for 20 reps.

    When performing this exercise try not to hold your breathe. Keep your core tight, but breathe throughout.

  3. Exercise 3: 360 Degree lying leg rotation360 Degree lying leg rotation – 2 sets for 15 reps, 1 minute rest.

  4. Exercise 4: Chin-upChin-up – 3 sets for 10 reps, 1 minute rest.

    To maximize the exercise keep your torso as straight as you can. Remember, only your arms should move during this exercise.

  5. Exercise 5: Bent-over rowBent-over row – 3 sets for 10 reps, 1 minute rest.

    While performing the exercise, try to keep the head up.

  6. Exercise 6: 21’21’ – 3 sets for 1 rep, 1 minute rest.

    Don’t let your arms go past 90 degrees on the first 2 variations. Don’t take a rest between each set of 7.

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Day 4

  1. Exercise 1: Medicine Ball slamMedicine Ball slam – 2 sets for 15 reps.

    For this exercise you need to stand on your feet at shoulder width. Hold a medicine ball over the head and slam it – so that it touches the floor – as hardly as possible.

    Medicine Ball should be as far away from the body as possible
  2. Exercise 2: Medicine Ball Side ThrowMedicine Ball Side Throw – 2 sets for 15 reps.

    Grab a medicine ball, holding it straight out in front of the chest. Perform the exercise by twisting your body toward the wall and throwing medicine ball as hard as possible. Then you need to catch the ball and repeat the exercise quickly.

  3. Exercise 3: Standing medicine ball torso rotationStanding medicine ball torso rotation – two sets for fifteen reps, 1 minute rest.

    To perform this exercise stand upright, hold a medicine ball with two hands and extend the ball out in front of the body. Rotate your torso – when watching the fitness ball – as far as you can to the right. Continue to watch the ball and rotate your corpus (body) to the left. Repeat the exercise up to twenty times.

  4. Exercise 4: Military pressMilitary press – 3 sets for 10 reps, 1 minute rest.

    Before you begin doing military press make sure both hands are slightly in front of the bar. Grasp a barbell and raise it to your chest and then over your head and slightly forward for the starting position.

  5. Exercise 5: Barbell front raiseBarbell front raise – 3 sets for 10 reps.

    Stand up straight. Grab the barbell – in front of your thighs – with hands facing down. This is a starting position. Lift the barbell up, pause for a second and lower it back to the previous, starting position.

    To maintain proper form you need to stand with your back against the wall. If you find yourself swinging back the body to raise the weight you need to lower the weight.
  6. Exercise 6: Dumbbell L Lateral RiseDumbbell L Lateral Rise – 3 sets for 10 reps, 1 minute rest.

    Purchase a pair of dumbbells. Keep shoulders back.  The dumbbells should be raised up – when performing the exercise – to around shoulder height. Do it slowly. Stop at the top of your movement. Then slowly lower the pair of dumbbells back to the starting position.

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A workout routine plan like this will have you seeing results by week four. For extra motivation you can perform exercises with a friend. Get the kind of extreme results in a month. Remember, your body deserves to look great.