Even though you work hard in your gym, without proper recovery your muscle building training can turn into a traumatic experience. The recovery process is often the main key to the successful achievement of muscle-building goals. Let your muscles adapt to the stress of your intense workouts. How to do it? Here is how.

Learn how to make the best choices for fast, efficient muscle recovery. We know how to simplify your life and make your intense training much easier with smart supplements you shouldn’t ignore.

Top 5 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements

Intense training and easy recovery – everyone wants to have both of these things. But wanting is not enough. You have to commit to a training program and to a rigorous diet. For efficient and easy recovery we recommend using special recovery supplements.

Bodybuilders know consuming meal rich in protein after a strength-building workout is essential. However, sitting down to a plate of fish or chicken after you leave the gym is not always convenient. Therefore, you can take benefits out of protein-rich drinks.

No time for a cook? Take these special protein drinks. Some of them come in powders (you need to mix them with water) and there are such ones that come in ready to consume bottles.

Top 5 Bestselling products to make your muscle recovery much easier:

ProductSupported Goal
Editor’s Choice: Muscle Pharm BCAA Energy PowderMuscle Development and Maintenance, Recovery from Intense Training
Scivation Xtend BCAA PowderBuild & Repair Muscle, Hydration & Electrolytes, Supports Weight Loss (Strawberry Kiwi)
Post JYM Matrix Supplement ScienceMuscle Growth, Maximized Recovery, Reduced Soreness
Bodybuilding Signature Micronized GlutamineSupports Digestive Health, Promotes Immune Function, Support the Balance of Nitrogen in Your Body
Bodybuilding Signature Amino Plus EnergyMuscle Growth and Recovery, Increase Focus and Improve Workout Performance

Muscle Pharm BCAA Energy Powder

The branched-chain amino acid complex is obviously what your body and your muscles need after your workout. With this perfect combination, muscle recovery becomes much easier.

Increase your lean body mass and reduce breakdown of your muscle with something working and easy to take, something like this amazing BCAAs product.

Whether through specific food or supplementation – athletes must ingest essential BCAAs! If you have no time for cooking, supplements is the best option.

Scivation Xtend BCAA Powder

Train harder, longer, more intensively possible! Need muscle recovery? Xtend drink is what you need. You won’t feel recovered, you will 100% be recovered. The product helps to facilitate both new muscle construction and fat loss.

Promote your muscle recovery and maximize your training intensity with the best-selling Xtend recovery product.

Post JYM Matrix Supplement Science

Recovery and growth are two things athletes need for their muscles. The unreal result, real recovery, and working recovery formula are all those revolutionary benefits you may take out of this post-workout powder.

Post JYM will help you to boost repair, build more muscles and maximize recovery.

Carbohydrates can decrease muscle protein break down

Bodybuilding Signature Micronized Glutamine

Glutamine promotes easier recovery and supports fast results.

With this excellent product, you can reduce your muscle breakdown, decrease muscle soreness and maximize your results.

Bodybuilding Signature Amino Plus Energy

You are training-you are breaking down muscle tissue. No rest, no right nutrients – poor progress. However, you can help yourself with amino acids.

Amino Recovery contains all the things your body need for your muscle growth, repair and recovery.

Best Muscle Recovery Supplements – Buyer’s Guide

Muscle repairIntense workouts and easy muscle recovery- possible! You, too, can help your body to recover much easier- reduce muscle breakdowns- promote muscle repair. Here is how to make it happen.

People performing resistance training know quite well that one of the most frustrating and unpleasant parts about their working out is the time it takes their bodies to recover.

Recovery is what our muscles need after intense workouts. This is an important phase of the muscle building process. We need to allow our muscle cells a proper recovery or in other words, enough time to rebuild and heal.

Miracle Supplements for Muscle Recovery

There are three biggest factors that inhibit your recovery. These are:

  • Overtraining;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Lack of proper nutrition.

You think you are building your muscles in the gym. In fact, the process of muscle building starts after you finish your training. It means the growth of your muscles or your muscle building process takes place between your workouts.

With each intense workout, your muscle fibers are breaking down leaving the body in the catabolic state. Don’t let your body to feed on itself as this will affect your muscle growth.
Essential amino acids and proper nutrients are all those things you should provide your body with. The faster you’ll do it the better results you will achieve.

Recovery after intense weight training is not as easy as you may think it is. To help your body fully recover – incorporate a few recovery supplements into your program.  This efficient strategy will energize your body giving it great chances for successful muscle recovery.

No matter who you are a woman or a man, we know what supplements will surely help your muscles’ recovery. Let’s take a closer look at best supplements for men and women helping them to reach their next level.

Maximizing Your Supplement’s Efficiency

PillsYou take muscle recovery supplements to improve performance and speed up the recovery process. When you work too hard, too fast, your muscles start to get sore and won’t recover as quickly. The supplements you take can only do so much to keep your muscles thriving. The rest is up to you. Sufficient rest and taking time away from the gym are essential for renewed muscle growth and eliminating pain and stiffness. Go here to learn what type of supplements you need to accelerate muscle growth.

  1. Sleep

    Your body does most of its work when you sleep. It can’t repair itself when you’re running around doing your normal, everyday routine. When you sleep, your mind relaxes, but your body continues to work. Muscle tissues are rebuilt and repaired, while new muscle grows. Sleep is also when your body addresses the problems associated with inflammation. Cartilage and other skeletal structures are able to move through the healing process without being stressed or overworked.

    For your sleep time to be effective, it’s important to remember:

    • You need at least 8 to 10 hours a day.
    • Create a bedtime routine that allows you to relax and fall asleep easily.
    • Naps won’t kill you.
    • Allow yourself to sleep in occasionally, sometimes your body just needs it.
  2. Time Off
    Just like you need a break from work to prevent burnout, your body needs a break from the gym to fully recover and allow your muscle’s to regain their strength. Without time off, your muscles can’t keep up with the daily grind and you will become more at risk for a serious injury.
    Even though much of the repair work takes place while you sleep, one or two days a week away from the gym takes the stress off the muscles and gives them a chance to rest. No stress, no overexertion, and no pushing give muscles a chance to truly breathe. They can take in the nutrients they need while the toxins and contaminants are flushed away easily.

Boost Your Diet, Drive Your Supplements

Supplements are designed to provide you with additional amounts of specific nutrients you may not be able to get enough of through diet alone. They provide the nutrients you need in concentrated forms that are easy for your body to break down and utilize as they’re needed. By boosting your diet with certain foods, you can drive the supplements so they do work more efficiently within the body. Go here to find out what your body needs to recover quickly and gain strength in record time.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Anti-inflammatory foods are essential for every athlete because they help the body control swelling that leads to joint stiffness and fatigue. Avoiding sugars is a great way to prevent inflammation in the first place, but working out on a regular basis will always result in some degree of inflammation, especially if you tend to overdo it.

Some of the best anti-inflammatory foods are:

Anti-inflammatory foods

  • Green leafy vegetables,
  • Blueberries,
  • Beets,
  • Pineapple,
  • Broccoli,
  • Salmon,
  • Walnuts,
  • Flaxseeds.

Finding Your Balance

To ensure your supplements are effective, they need the support of a good diet. The protein/carb/fat ration will help you establish a solid base for both muscle growth and improved overall health. A good place to start when learning what your ratio is consists of 60% protein, 30% carbs, and 10% fats.

Every person is different in how they burn calories and use their nutrients, so you will have to learn what your body needs and then just the ratio accordingly. It’s also important to remember that the ratio may change over time. Know your body and know what it needs and it will make fine-tuning the ration a much easier process.

For Women: Top 3 Best Working Supplements

  1. Supplements for womenProtein supplements
    Whether in the form of powders, bars, or some ready-to-drink-options – protein supplements are a convenient source of energy, women need using to enhance their muscle recovery.
  2. Branch chain amino acids

    Known as BCAA, this powerful supplement is one more helpful key product that helps women to reduce the amount of their muscle breakdown.

    Recovery is as important as your training and workouts. Why? Fast recovery helps to start building muscles much quicker.
  3. Omega-3s
    Found in nuts, seeds and in fatty fish, Omega-3s is another helpful muscle recovery option-women shouldn’t ignore. It doesn’t actually mean you need to eat fish, especially if you are not a fan of it- consider Omega-3s supplement as a suitable option.

For Men: Top 3 Best Working and Wow Supplements

When it comes to muscle repair supplements for men, we recommend using products that can combine such supplement-ingredients like BCCAs, Whei, and Complex carbs. Why? Just because they can accelerate your muscle recovery in the much faster way.

Consider using such working products as:

  • Post-workout accelerated recovery formula supplement by MenScience AndroceuticalsPost-workout accelerated recovery formula by MenScience Androceuticals

    Ideal mix of whei, carbs, BCAAs – is what you can get out of the product for your successful muscle recovery. Crack muscle breakdown problem and combat muscle fatigue on the spot.

  • PRO BCAA supplement by Optimum NuitritionPRO BCAA by Optimum Nuitrition

    You, too, can have more proteins-amino acids- quality BCAAs in just one supplement product. Give a support to your massive muscle size and fuel recovery from your intense training.

    BCAA supplement prevent catabolism in recovery period
  • Glutamine supplement by MusclePharmGlutamine by MusclePharm

    The product helps your body to absorb nutrients and the protein after your sustained physical activity. What’s more your muscles, digestive tract and brain will enjoy great benefits including fast and increased recovery.

Our working tips mentioned above are quick muscle-rehab options that will surely help you to speed your muscle recovery. Remember proper supplementation is as important as your intense workouts.

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