Did you know that treadmill exercises are as effective as outdoor ones? You can walk, jog and run at the same speed, targeting the heart rate zone and experiencing all the benefits of usual workouts at home. Why not turn to follow this fat burning option?

Many users believe that such training can be pretty boring; however, most modern units are already equipped with the iFit technology that allows running in the virtual world, competing with others and training with world famous instructors. To find out more keep reading.

How to Lose Weight on a Treadmill: Efficiency and Possible Results

Lose weight with treadmillWhy losing weight on a treadmill becomes more and more popular? The reasons are numerous. To begin with it is easy to use. If we speak of a home bought unit, it has a timer and states the distance traveled on the machine’s front panel. Those that are available at the gym are, of course, more complex, offering motivating workouts. Most of them even feature specialized heart rate sensors, allowing finding out whether a user is working in a cardiovascular or fat-burning zone.

In addition, some treadmills have several workouts:

  • Personal trainer,
  • Fat burning,
  • Hill exercises.
Brisk 3.5-mph walks during 30 minutes burn 121 calories

Treadmill calories counterExpected results always depend on the speed of walk. The average result is about 100 calories per 1 mile. According to the latest researches, the more a person weighs, the more he/she burns: the faster he/she moves, the more calories disappear.

In any case it is highly important to keep at a pace that leaves one slightly out of breath, still allowing speaking to someone else. After setting a pace anyone is able to maintain it, which is very useful for any type of training.

Do treadmills help you to lose weight? Yes, they do, but only if you are accurate, persistent and able to make conscious decisions to press a button in order to slow down or speed up.

What’s the Best Way to Lose Weight on a Treadmill?

You must have heard of various options, but the best one is to vary your workouts. Any machine provides several types of workouts to get fit, burn fat and lose weight, and this is a huge mistake to believe that a single type will help you out. Varying is helpful in keeping motivated to exercise regularly. What does the process include? You can choose walking one day and jogging the next one. Some choose walking 3-4 times weekly and jogging the rest of the week.

It is proven that performing short but highly intense exercises can increase the amount of enzymes that break down body fat.

The greater the variety is, the more motivated you are, as your body has no time to get adapted to your new challenges. If you feel bored, but don’t really want to stop exercising, you can beat boredom with:

  1. Television. Modern machines provide much time for watching your favorite shows. When you are at home, choosing this way is easier. In case you are at a gym, plug the headphones into the machine and choose television.
  2. Music. Choose energetic music or melodies you like the most. Most people also create a specific music mix for treadmill workouts.

List of Treadmill Workouts to Burn Fat Fast

Treadmill for weight loss is the best choice as long as you know what exercises are the best. We have the list of training options that will help you lose weight.

  • Interval Training
    Interval treadmill workoutsInterval treadmill workouts are now regarded to be a very efficient way. What does this type of training mean? It stands for a combination of various types of exercises that are performed in intervals. For the best results do a few short bursts of exercises followed by a few short bursts of different ones.
    You should break intervals into segments. Start with easier types and make them last for 10-40 seconds. Then proceed to harder parts that are to last from 10 to 30 seconds each. Finally, the entire training should be so difficult that at the end you aren’t able to perform any exercise.

    Actual Info!
    Such highly intensive workouts should be performed 3-4 times per week.
    Make sure hard portions are REALLY hard, and easy ones give you some rest.

    The most important thing about internal training is that it’d better start with an easy exercise. In most cases it is walking. Your task is to choose pace and run for 30 seconds, then slow down and walk for 40 seconds. Run and then walk again. Repeat the same over and over again in intervals. As a result, your metabolism rate will be increased and you will succeed in burning calories.

  • The Weight Loss Shuffle
    This is another best treadmill workout for weight loss. This is a perfect variant for those, who don’t like running in place. Start with a 3-minute warm up at a steady pace. We suggest starting with 5 miles per one hour. Then turn to the left and side shuffle for half a minute before turning around to the right for another half a minute of shuffle.
    While exercising, do not cross your feet over one another. Shuffle them. As you’ve done the exercise on each side, face forward again and then jog for 3 more minutes before you turn sideways. Keep jogging for 3 minutes to cool down after a 30-minute workout.

    Repeating the same workout every session, your performance levels off
  • Walk-Jog Workout
    If you are not a beginner, you can try the following routine. This type of training is a kind of mix of jogging and walking. It is a kind of an alternative variant between jogging, walking briskly and running slowly.
    The main advantage of this variant is the fact that it can burn up to 300 calories.
  • The 500-calorie workout
    To burn around 500 calories a day you will need not more than 40 minutes. This is a so-called high-interval training that should be performed around 4-5 times per week. What’s the result?  Around ½ a pound off in 7 days.
    Effective 500-calorie workout
  • Total-Body Workout
    This is perhaps the best fat burning treadmill routine designed by a personal trainer in NYC Melissa Paris. This type of training ensures multiple benefits for your belly, arms and legs. Running options are various and involve quick bursts of sprints, allowing burning plenty of calories per 35 minutes a day and 3-5 pounds per 10-14 days.

Treadmill Exercises to Lose Weight: Tips for Beginners

Why is treadmill workout the best choice for beginners? It is much easier on the joints than running on most concrete pavements or roads. Regular training reduces the impact on joints, thus reducing possible injury risks. This is especially beneficial for all those, who have already had injury problems and are trying to get back to regular exercising.

The best choice is a 30-minute workout for beginners

If you are a brand new person in exercising, start with:

  • Novice Treadmill Workout.
    At first it will take about 10 minutes. Increase your speed with each new training to 3.0. If you feel absolutely comfortable with this training and you are no longer challenged, we suggest increasing your time up to 15 minutes with the speed 5.0. You could go up to 3.5 during the workouts and slowly getting back down. Add 5 more minutes till the time you reach 20 minutes.
  • Ramping It Up.
    If you are on a treadmill for about 1 month, start varying your routine. Walking exercises are the best choice for you. They are perfect for getting the heart rate up and starting using leg muscles. Start with 20-minute workouts and increase your incline – the ramp position. Raise incline in order to intensify the workout or lower the ramp in order to decrease it.
    The main requirements here are the following:

    1. Routine duration – 20 minutes;
    2. Incline increasing – to 2.0-3.0;
    3. Speed increasing from 1.5 to 3.5 within 5-7 minutes.

Benefits of Treadmill Walking Workouts

Among the most popular walking routines are Ladder and Steaming Stamina. The first option – Ladder – is a beneficial type for quads, gluts, calves, hamstrings – which means it is perfect to all large leg muscles.

Steaming Stamina is a very simple type, but it is extremely effective, as it’s able to build long term endurance, maintaining a very interesting and comparatively fresh routine with frequent speed changeups. This is a perfect chance for you to strengthen all leg muscles and increase metabolic burn.

It is very effective due to the fact it breaks a pretty long workout into several manageable chunks.

To major beneficial features of treadmill walking workouts belong:

  1. Walking workouts on treadmillThey are easier on joints than most hard surfaces, for example sidewalks and roads.
  2. They allow forgetting about the weather outsides, thus, regardless of temperature you can perform any training in the comfort of your home.
  3. There’s no need to get worried about sharing space with other people. You feel free and safe, well-protected from any injuries.
  4. This is a chance to catch up on your favorite shows or listen to your favorite music while working out.

It would be wrong to state that these machines feature only positive sides. However, there are more advantages than drawbacks.

Now you understand how effective treadmill routine can be. You can succeed in the weight loss program on your own, only if you remember about the varying technique, tips for beginners, interval options and basic types of exercises. Choose a modern machine for home or gym use and start losing weight right away! Who told you that you can’t get rid of pounds, being at home, watching your favorite shows and listening to a music mix list?