Though this is a common question among females, the problem is that most of them fail in finding appropriate answers. There’s good news – you can succeed on your own, without any need to gain excess weight. Of course, it’ll take time, but not much. It’ll take efforts, but not breathtaking ones. It’ll take money, but not hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You are lucky to have us, because we know what you can do about your constitution. We hold only reliable information and easy tricks for those, who do not have too much free time or are absolutely sure that they won’t be able to keep to special diet plans for too long. Let’s see what we suggest.

How Can I Make My Butt Bigger: Choose One of Three Variants

Different ways to lift buttYou are not a Hollywood star and surgery is not for you. Why not? It is really expensive, it’s rather dangerous, and it requires regular examination and additional surgical interventions.

The butt has three muscles. They all can be targeted in different ways.

In the list of the most popular ones are:

  1. Exercises,
  2. Diet,
  3. Commercial products.
Your butt shape is based on genetics.
If you aren’t satisfied with the way it looks like, have a look at your parents and you’ll notice whom it comes from.

Option 1 – Exercises

Exercise for a bigger buttToday there are numerous special exercises as well as butt enlargement techniques you can find in books on the Internet or from videos. No matter what kind of regime you choose, you should do it three times a week. During the days in between strength-training sessions they should be repeated for 20-25 minutes. Pay special attention to dancing, cardio jogging, and stair climbing as well as aerobic exercises. This is your answer to the question how to make your butt bigger.

This simple plan means that you should exercise five times per week: two days of cardio and three days of strength training.

Option 2 – Diet

Diets' way to make your buttRight food helps those who want to learn how to lift butt. You should give preference to sources of fat, protein and carbs.

Why protein? It is helpful in rebuilding muscle tissue that broke down.

Fat can boost the output of testosterone and carbs will give the body the energy that is needed for effective workouts.

Eat healthy foods; refuse from steroids that make muscles grow

This all can be covered with vegetables and fruits, lean beef and chicken breasts, whole grains, seeds, nuts and low-fat diary. These meals should be consumed frequently throughout the day. Frequent eating will give your muscles required nutrients, make it easier to eat more calories and elevate the overall energy level. Your first meal should be soon after you wake up. After breakfast eat every 2-3 hours.

Option 3 – Commercial Products

Curve: commercial product to butt enhancementYou are going to be surprised, but there are many of them on today’s market.

Choose special butt enhancing creams. They do not work for those, who want to find out how to build butt muscles. However, they work as a type of an overall procedure.

Pay special attention to another popular option – enhancing pills. Frankly speaking there’s much controversy as to their use. Their main task is regulating one’s hormonal balance in order to allow gaining fat tissue on thighs, breasts and butt, but less in the abdominal area.

Many pills are just scams, but some allow having success

And finally, you could try out some herbal options. FYI there are many herbs and roots that really can help to get a much bigger butt faster. You can combine several of them with the regular use of pills or creams to get the results even quicker.

Keep reading as we are going to cover on these different ways, combination procedures and alternative options to get the butt of your dream.

What Exercises Can Make Your Butt Bigger?

Exercises for a bigger butt are numerous. We’ve picked TOP effective ones.

They are easy, do not require much effort and allow obtaining best results ever:

  1. Exercise 1: Single leg bridgesSingle Leg Bridges
    This training is perfect for your booty! Lie down on you back. One foot flat on the ground, another one straight up on the air (A). Placing the weight into the heel of the foot that is on the ground, exhale. Drive your glutes up in order to make the body straight from knee to the shoulder (B). Reaching the top of the movement, flex the glutes and then inhale, returning into the initial position.
    Repeat the same exercise for 20 more times per leg.
  2. Dumbbells
    Take a pair of dumbbells and hold them in your hands. Stand with legs wider than the width of shoulders. Bend you knees so that vertically they line up with shoes. Squat down till the time your thighs become parallel with the floor. Push off with feet’s heels and get back to the initial position.
    Repeat the same for 20 more times.
  3. Exercise 3: The lungeThe Lunge
    This is perhaps the best exercise to choose. The overall effectiveness can be easily increased if you use weights.
    Complete 3 sets of 25 repetitions per one set. While improving, try to increase the number of repetitions per one set.
  4. Kneeling Kickback
    For so you know, kneeling kickbacks are effective as they work the glutes maximum (the largest butt muscle). The training becomes more effective when you raise your legs higher. Besides, you can hold your leg at the highest position for 3-5 seconds to improve your results.

    Keep in mind that there are no magic exercises that will make your body change after a single time.
    Combine working out with adequate foods.
  5. Barbell
    Place a barbell on your shoulders along the trapezius muscles. Squat down to feel that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your butt down, shoulders back and chest out.
    Repeat the same routine for 10 minutes, using heavy weights for building glutes muscles mass.
  6. Plié
    Though this type of movements is more associated with ballet, it is not only for ballerinas. This is a perfect exercise for toning up. Stand with feet wider than shoulders width apart. Make sure that your toes are pointing outward. Keep your hands in front to balance the body. Start lowering into a squat till the butt is above the feet. Then squeeze the thighs and glutes, while returning back to the initial position.
    All the moves should be performed slowly and repeated for 15-20 minutes (a single repetition).

    You can do many exercises, but focus on squats and lunges
  7. Leg raise
    Lie on your back with legs together. Fold the legs and slowly raise them. Keep your toes pointed. Then straighten the legs with toes pointed to the ceiling. Lower down your legs slowly to about one inch off the ground.
  8. Stiff-Leg Deadlifts
    Stand with feet underneath a barbell. Bend down, holding the bar – hands wide open, palms facing downwards. Take the bar up from the ground and take a standing position. Bend down forward on slightly bent knees. In this position the bar will move closer to the feet. Your head straight and back aligned while performing the exercise. Keep going down to touch the floor and then stand back up slowly.
  9. Crunches with a twist
    Lie down on your back. Fold the legs straight on the floor with knees flat on the surface. Put hands behind your head with elbows bent. Lift your left shoulder off the floor with a twist to the right. Then lift your right shoulder off with a twist to the left.

Another essential recommendation to keep to is including fitness exercises into a training routine. It should consist of jogging on an inclined treadmill, using the stair stepper, kickboxing and taking a fitness class.

Ways to Make Your Butt Bigger without Exercises

There are several options for those, who are looking for easy ways:

  • Wearing high heels,
  • Wearing a girdle,
  • Getting a smaller waist.

Wear a girdle for bigger buttocks fastDid you know that the kind of shoes you are wearing enhances the butt and makes it seem much bigger than it really is? Wearing really high heals helps to arch the lower back, giving your buttocks a perkier and firmer shape.

You can also give a try and wear a girdle. The benefit of this option is that it can be worn all the time. How does it work? It pushes the excess fat to the hips from the abdominal area. It sucks the tummy, making the bum look much bigger. Buy a high quality girdle and wear it most of your time.

It’s not an instant solution, but it helps to uplift bums

Get a smaller waist, because the smaller it is, the wider the hips seem to be. They become rounder and bigger. This option includes exercises, not those for buttocks but for waist. Refuse from Pilates abdominal exercises or yoga as they make boxed and straight looking torsos. You should better give preference to side crunches, belly dancing, jogging and twist crunches.

How to Make It Bigger in a Week?

Make your butt bigger in a week with plasticThere are two options for you:

  • The first one is undergoing plastic surgery. It enhances the size and makes buttocks as big as you wish.
    Though plastic surgery is regarded to be a great variant of an instant solution, it has many drawbacks. One of them is the cost.
  • Not that fast, but safe and cheap way is consulting a physical trainer as well as a fitness health professional. Specialists are able to focus your attention on various enlargement techniques that can help you out.

How to Make My Buttocks Bigger Fast with Supplements?

Fish oil for big buttockIn addition to various exercises and diets you can turn to a multivitamin supplement, adding an extra boost of protein to your everyday meals. This can be either a meal bar or a protein shake. Pay special attention to collagen supplements as they help in speeding the recovery, as well as in making your skin firm and taught.

Speaking of a natural variant, you can turn to fish oil. Of course, it is not cream, but it also guarantees great results. Today many women rub some fish oil on butt to make it bigger. The required ‘dosage’ is taken twice a day.

Actual Info!
The only possible drawback is the fact that fish oil is a rather smelly solution so you should better use a plastic wrapper right after putting up this oil.

Keep in mind that there are also capsules and pills that have no scent. The first results will be seen in 2-3 weeks, in case you use 2 capsules on each butt cheek.

What Are the Best Butt Workouts to Make It Bigger?

We suggest three primer workout variants:

  • Cardiovascular Workout. It helps to raise the temperature of the body in order to prevent cramps and muscle injury during the workout. The routine includes skip, jog, step running, cycle, row and doing cross trainer. Specialists recommend 10-20-minute warm ups.
    Regular cardiovascular activities for about 150 minutes a week allow targeting the lower body and gaining the best results.
  • Plyometric workout to get a bigger buttPlyometric Workout. Start engaging into training 3-4 times per week in order to make your butt bigger and the lower body much stronger. What is plyometrics? This is a kind of interval training that is commonly used by most athletes who are aiming at building strength and power. Such workouts start at 10 minutes per one session and progress to half an hour. At first you should choose about four exercises and do 3 sets of 10 repetitions. There should be a 30-second break between sets and 1-minute break between exercises. Later on you can add more exercises in order to make the workout longer and more effective. Make sure you include squat jumps, box jumps, power skipping, one-leg hops, power skipping and lunge jumps.
  • Leg Workout Warm up. We suggest beginning with joint rotations, three sets each. Choose ankle rotations: in one direction and reverse. Repeat the same motions for shoulder, hip, neck, knee, trunk, elbow and wrist. This is a perfect way to warm up the joints and make them functionally smooth. Then you should turn to some basic stretches as they are helpful in warming up the muscles and enhancing the overall performance.

If you are really interested in improving the shape of your butt, you’d better focus on its main muscles that really hold the potential to change. We’ve shown you how it can be done by means of right foods, exercises, creams and pills. However, many people believe it is not enough and are sure that such ways are just a waste of time.

Remember: fast results are promised by surgical intervention. If you are doing everything on your own with reliable methods, it’ll take time. BUT it is not a waste of time, it’s more a life investment. Decide which way to go.