Have you ever heard that diuretics are one of the best methods of flushing excess water out of your body? Is your water retention problem getting you down? Reduce fluid retention, treat urinary tract infections, boost kidney performance and lose weight with diuretic foods and drinks that help you stay healthy.

Find out the secrets of diuretic – refreshing and high-water contents of foods that are perfectly filled with nutrients and low in calories. Learn how to take benefits out of natural diuretic foods and use natural remedies for your water retention problems. We’ll provide you with awesome info on how to stay healthy by turning common types of food into useful and effective diuretic remedy.

Top 5 Types of Foods That Are Diuretics

What do you know about diuretics? Most of us have heard of pharmaceutical diuretics often called like “water pills”, but not everyone knows that there are also natural diuretics in the form of delicious vegetables, fruits, and other foods that can efficiently flush excess fluid from the body.

So, what are diuretic foods? These foods are cleaning agents that are able to attract water away from cells and tissues providing relief from fluid retention. Diuretics are beneficial. Here is why.

Diuretics foods help listDiuretics foods help to:

  • Regulate digestion;
  • Lower your blood pressure;
  • Lose weight;
  • Flush excess water from your body;
  • Treat kidney stones and swelling.

Want to reduce water retention? We know how to solve your water retention problem. Diuretic foods can be the magic pills that will help you to resolve the problem as easily and effectively as possible. So, let’s take a look at diuretic foods list you’ve never heard off.


    We adore green vegetables not knowing that they have excellent diuretic properties. Watery vegetables contain plenty of water, mineral and fiber. While being high in magnesium and potassium, green leafy vegetables also have cancer and antioxidant fighting properties. There are a huge number of available and easy-to-buy vegetables helping you to make some dietary changes.

    Vegetables natural diureticsChoose any of these:

    • Cucumbers,
    • Celery,
    • Artichokes,
    • Lettuce,
    • Fennel,
    • Beets,
    • Asparagus,
    • Pumpkin,
    • Onions and garlic,
    • Carrots.

    Fruits having a diuretic effect are really useful to eat. Why? They efficiently help to increase healthful urination. If weight-loss plan is your goal, than eating fruits is a way to start this plan. By consuming diuretic fruits as well as vegetables you can achieve weight loss goals much quicker.

    Fruits for water retentionPay attention to this list of diuretic fruits:

    • Watermelon,
    • Pears,
    • Juniper Berries,
    • Pineapple,
    • Peaches,
    • Apples,
    • Lemons,
    • Raspberries,
    • Blueberries,
    • Mango,
    • Kiwi,
    • Papaya,
    • Grapes,
  3. HERBS

    Have you ever heard about herbs as a perfect diuretic food option? If no, then you are lucky to have us. Use beneficial herbs as additions to your diet or your ordinary meals. Add more flavour-enjoy heart healthy qualities.

    Diuretic herbsChoose your favourite herbs out of this list:

    • Dandelion Leaf,
    • Ginger,
    • Parsley,
    • Horseradish,
    • Garlic,
    • Fennel,
    • Stinging Nettle,
    • Celery Seed,
    • Hawthorn Herb,
    • Raw Onion.
    Water retention is caused by consuming too much ‘harmful’ salt and sugar with too little protein. To counteract these effects eat plenty of diuretic foods.
    But don’t overdo it as an excessive elimination of water can make your body lose valuable minerals and vitamins. Remember, balance is a key.

    Fighting against flood retention is not as puzzling as it may seem if you will experiment with crucifers. Acting as diuretics, crucifers can be a perfect natural choice.

    CrucifersDouble the diuretic effect with:

    • Cabbage,
    • Radishes,
    • Brussels sprouts,
    • Watercress.

    Are you really surprised? Drinks can also be used as diuretics.

    Diuretic beveragesHere’s what you can drink:

    • Coffee,
    • Dandelion Tea,
    • Green tea,
    • Carrot Juice,
    • Sodas,
    • Cranberry Juice,
    • Lemon Juice with water.

Top 10 Beneficial and Natural Food Diuretics you need to give a try

Diuretics! Drugs, herbs… What are your associations? When it comes to water retention or excessive fluid in the body most of us turn to pills and medications to soothe those diuretic needs causing us so many problems. Fortunately, there is another efficient option and you can go the natural route just adding some natural diuretic foods to your diet.

Your body fat holds around 50% of water

No need to take medications. Consume natural food diuretics for water retention and see the difference.

Top 10 Natural Diuretics That Help in Excess Water Removal

  1. Cucumbers
    CucumbersBeing very hydrating, watery vegetables, cucumbers are rich in sulfur which efficiently stimulates the kidney. Perfect when sliced up or in salads this green veggie has the highest fluid content of any solid food. What’s more these diuretics help to lose weight and fight cancer.
  2. Watermelon

    WatermelonHave ‘excessive water and salt’ problem? Eat watermelon, which is known as number one diuretic fruit.

    Not only this diuretic is sweet and delicious but it also helps to flush your body of salt and excessive water.

    There are plenty of vegetables which are natural diuretics. Some diuretic veggies can interact with certain diuretic medications.
    If you are already taking some diuretic medications along with natural diuretics consult with your medical provider.
  3. Beets
    BeetsThese are other seemed-to-be-everywhere, natural diuretics, rich in antioxidants that effectively attack fatty deposits and floating body fats.
  4. Garlic
    GarlicBeing a useful cleanser of your blood, garlic is efficient weapon against high blood pressure.
    It provides a cleansing effect and acts as a natural diuretic. It doesn’t mean you have to consume clove of garlic after clove. But using this diuretic in your cooking process is a good and healthy idea.
  5. Parsley
    ParsleyParsley is not jut a pretty green adornment. It has many great benefits in addition to it diuretic properties. Plenty of nutrients and several types of antioxidants make parsley beneficial.
  6. Asparagus
    AsparagusValuable for its diuretic effects, asparagus boost kidney performance and in its turn improves waste removal from the body. It also helps in breaking down fat. Chemical alkaloid – Asparagine, found in asparagus, is a beneficial diuretic helping to treat arthritis, swelling, rheumatism, and water retention.
  7. Celery
    CeleryWant to hydrate the body? Celery is a perfect option. Containing plenty of water, it is a great diuretic food for hydrating the body. Being high in water, celery is low in calories.
    Give your body a rapid increase in nutrition and make it easier to process and digest.
  8. Strawberries
    StrawberriesNot only delicious but very light and diuretic, strawberries have perfect effect on your kidney.
    These delicious berries contain more than 90% of water. Very few fat and calories make strawberries best fruits in the diet to lose weight. Containing a lot of water, calcium, arginine, potassium, and arbutin, strawberries have high diuretic properties and are useful in the prevention of fluid retention.
  9. Eggplant
    EggplantWhat is a good natural diuretic? Eggplant is. Acting as a natural diuretic, eggplant is efficient for those who want to lose weight.
    If you boil eggplants, don’t throw the water away. By drinking eggplant water you can lose your weight much quicker.
  10. Lemon
    LemonLemon is one of those that come to the list of foods that are natural diuretics.  This diuretic induces urination and therefore is beneficial in treating urinary tract infections. If you will use lemon regularly, it will efficiently cleanse your urinary tract. What’s more, this diuretic is great for those with rheumatism and arthritis. Why? It flushes out bad bacteria and toxins. If you have diabetes, lemon will help you to reduce the amount of salt that is retained in your body.

Natural Diuretics Tea

Heart failure, edema, high blood pressure, kidney and liver diseases can be effectively treated with natural diuretic tea. No need to purchase expensive medications.

Now you can help your body to rid of unnecessary retained fluids with natural herbal diuretics. Treat yourself with one of these natural refreshing teas and crack you water retention problem on the spot.

  1. Green tea

    Excess water is what prevents us from losing weight. To achieve the goals in weight loss you need to help your body get rid of any extra fluid.

    How to do it? Just by drinking green tea having excellent diuretic effects you can reduce extra fluid.

    Green tea for water retention

    Extra body weight and such conditions as cellulite and bloating are often caused by fluid or water retention. Reducing your body weight by flushing excess water from your system is a good idea.
  2. Stinging Nettle
    Leaves of this beneficial diuretic are used for tea. By drinking stinging Nettle tea you can cause your body to lose weight by shedding excess water.
    What’s more, this perfect diuretic tea will help you to expel pollutants and toxins from your body.
    Stinging nettle
  3. Dandelion Leaf tea

    Dandelion herbal tea is a perfect way to start you weight loss. Dandelion Leaf has healthy diuretic effects.

    Get all those junk food remains like additives, salt etc. out of your system by drinking natural dandelion tea.

    Natural diuretic - Dandelion leaf tea

    Diuretic teas help to flush small stones out
  4. Yarrow tea
    Excess fluid problem can be cracked when you drink yarrow herbal tea. The most working methods of absorbing the benefits of yarrow are in tea.  By incorporating easy-to-do yarrow tea into your diet, you will be able to enjoy noticeable effects it has on your body.
    Yarrow tea diuretic
  5. Horsetail Tea
    This non-flowering weed has been used as a diuretic. Horsetail tea will help you to treat kidney stones, bladder stones, urinary tract infection, edema etc.
    Horsetail tea is effective in weight loss, hair loss, heavy periods, fluid retention, incontinence etc.
    Horsetail tea natural diuretics drink

Controlling Water Weight

Water weight can be caused by several different things ranging from poor diet to poor heart health. Including diuretic foods in your diet will help to control how much water your body retains. A large percentage of your body is made up of water, so it’s essential that you find just the right balance. Using diuretic foods in your diet will help you to maintain that balance and keep your body naturally hydrated. The nutrients they provide help to support the immune system, the lymphatic system, and the cardiovascular system, all of which play a role in minimizing water retention.

Sauna weight loss can also be used to eliminate excessive fluid but this should be used sparingly and mainly when trying to rid your body of toxins. Rigorous exercise is also a good way to flush unwanted fluids from the system. Including fresh fruits and vegetables with diuretic properties in your diet will help the body to flush out unwanted fluids as you exercise. Using a sauna helps to detoxify the skin. As you sweat, the body releases the impurities held in the outermost layers of tissue.

Too Much Salt in the Diet

The foods you eat play a large role in how your body functions. Having too much salt in your diet can lead to edema in the legs or water retention throughout your body.

Excess salt what it does to your body

Following a 1400 calorie meal plan can be beneficial if you are trying to lose weight and know that excessive water weight is part of your problem. While preparing your own meals and including diuretic foods is your best choice, it’s also a good idea to look at some of the ingredients you use in your meals. Even canned vegetables can contain salt. It’s important to read labels and find out just how much salt is in some of the ingredients you use.

Look for ingredients like:

  • Natural flavorings,
  • MSG,
  • Carrageenan,
  • Sodium/Salt (in any form).

Even in small amounts, these ingredients can boost your sodium levels.

Hormone Fluctuations

Hormone fluctuations can have an effect on how efficiently your kidneys function. If you learning how to get ripped in a month, you also need to learn how some of the supplements you use will affect your hormones.

Include diuretic foods and supplements like:

  1. Dandelion extracts,
  2. Horsetail,
  3. Parsley,
  4. Cornsilk.

They help to support good kidney health and counteract some of the effects of hormones that tend to slow down or hinder kidney function. Eating a nutritious diet is the best way to promote healthy function throughout the body, including the endocrine system and the kidneys.

Poor Heart Health

Poor heart health also plays a role in how your body retains water. When the heart muscle becomes week, it’s difficult to pump blood efficiently throughout the body. If it can’t push the blood through, it can’t carry away the fluids and toxins that build up in the tissues.

Your heart health

Eating a heart-healthy diet that supports strong cardiac tissue and helps to flush excess fluid from the system is essential for good health and minimizing water retention. Fresh fruits and vegetables that have diuretic properties not only help flush excess fluids away but they also provide an abundance of nutrients that the cardiac muscle needs to function and become stronger.

Now you know that by adding natural diuretic herbs and foods to your diet you will be able to alleviate water retention. However, if diuretic supplements are your decision – don’t take them for more than a few days.

You surely don’t want to flush away all nutrients and minerals from your body. Therefore we recommend incorporating diuretic foods which are safe and beneficial.

You can find further details of Healthy Eating here.